What is Biro2go?

Biro2go is a new way of being mobile. Biro2go is a web-based desktop interface. Commonly called a cloud desktop because of its unique user interface. Biro2go delivers a whole desktop from the cloud with file management, personal management information tools, collaborative tools and with the integration of the the client’s applications - Windows and Linux.

Biro2go Web Engine transforms any Windows or Linux application into an HTML5 web application that can be accessed from Biro2go web desktop. Being mobile has never been so easy.

Imagine endless possibilities doing business without a physical location constraint.

Biro2go is based on opensource virtualization platform EyeOS, developed by Telefonica, the Europe's largest telecommunications operator from Spain.


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Better productivity is a matter of working faster and better. Your challenge is to have a positive impact on all your employees, rather than just a minority of advanced users. Discover how eyeOS can radically change your employees’ habits with almost zero disruption also while being mobile.

Key benefits:

  1. Reduce desktop management costs by virtualizing their employee’s workspace,
  2. Improve employees’ mobility by providing access through multiple devices and
  3. Increase productivity through collaborative tools.

 Acces your virtual office via any device.

As Biro2go is a web desktop it is accesble via any device. All you need i internet connection and web browser. 

When the company needs to create a collaborative intranet or extranet with access for different profiles of internal employees, partners, suppliers and clients, it is imperative that the environment be extremely easy to use in order to define the new daily work habits. There are no alternatives even remotely comparable to Biro2go in terms of usability.


 Biro2go includes a set of native cloud apps from a calendar to a rich text editor and of course a complete file manager in the cloud with local synchronisation. 

Have you ever… sent an email to the wrong person? … forgotten to send a copy to one of your team?… struggled to find an attachment you needed?

It goes without saying, these are problems we all face every day. Don’t get us wrong… we love the simplicity of email, but sometimes we need more flexibility to work effectively. With the new wall, share messages and files with your teams fast and securely. Just open your wall, type your message and share!

The excellent usability of Biro2go is complemented by the possibility of satisfying the operational requirements of the new environment with our tools for task management, communication walls, file sharing, chats, surveys, mail, URL links to files, etc… In addition to collaborative tools, Biro2go provides an integration framework for existing applications, such as the creation of new applications personalized to meet the needs of the company.


Collaboration tools included:

  • Task management
  • Project Management
  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Chat system
  • File management and sharing
  • Wall messaging



Biro2go offers a modern virtual environment based on HTML5 technology.

Any device

Biro2go supports any device (PC, tablet, phone). All you need is internet connection and web browser, supporting BYOD.

Full of capabilities

Biro2go offer full range of capabilities. From business application virtualisation to collaborative tools.

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